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Students in Andromeda ChamberEducation

We are student-oriented and in partnership with the academic departments.  We offer master's and doctoral programs in space and planetary science.  We also have an REU program* for summer research
offered to undergraduates from across the country. University of Arkansas undergraduates participate in center activities by doing research, many as part of their honors dissertation.

*Apply Now! The 2012 REU Program begins May 20, 2012 and is now accepting applications. All applications are due March 12th. All necessary materials must be received by March 16th


Mars photoResearch

We conduct research on astronomy and planetary science, the geology and biology of the planets, and asteroid and comet surfaces.  We design instruments and plan missions for the exploration of our solar system and other planetary systems.  The Center has a major emphasis on  samples and sample return.  Major facilities include the W.M. Keck Laboratory for Planetary Simulation.


STORI Teachers in the ClassroomPublic Outreach

We take the excitement of our research to the general public and to future generations of scientists and their teachers in the grade schools.  We hold several public lectures each year in addition to the school visits.  "Links" provides additional resources that are of general interest. 



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